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SEMCAD X ANTENNA is a full wave FDTD solution addressing all radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves. Antenna and large radiating structures can be designed and optimized using a intuitively design flow in a very efficient and fast way. The SEMCAD X ANTENNA solution is dedicated to all free space wave propagation and radiating challenges.


·         Indoor/Outdoor wide band propagation, channel modeling, base station placement

·         Virtual prototyping of mobile phones, handset or net/notebooks

·         Compliant integration of WiBro, WiMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth in mobile devices

·         Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

·         Hearing Aid Compatibility(HAC)

·         Over-The-Air-performance (OTA)

·         Antenna toolbox including diversity and MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple Output)

·         Integrative post processing of the measurement and simulations



SEMCAD X OPTICS is addressing the modelling of passive optical devices using an extensive material database integrated in FDTD. The database including Debye, Lorentz, Drude Kerr-Effect, Raman-Scattering materials places SEMCAD X OPTICS as on of the most solid full wave simulation software for future optical circuits and devices.


·         Modelling of CMOS/CCD Image Sensor

·         Nano particle and Plasmonic resonant structures

·         Design of optical Ring resonators

·         Optical Waveguides and Filters

·         Photonic crystal

·         Digital micro-mirror array design

·         Image Sensor design optimization


·         Huge predefined materials database (metals, dielectrics, all anatomical tissues) with frequency-dependent dielectric and magnetic materials (Debye,Lorentz, Drude, Drude-Lorentz)

·         Simulation of photonic crystal and metamaterials (double negative)

·         Non-linear materials (Kerr-Effect, Raman-Scattering)

·         Lossy real metals, thin metal sheets and coatings



·         Radiation performance, efficiency, gain and directivity

·         Far-Field views; surface current distributions; E and H Near-Field distributions; Peak, RMS and individual vector component viewing

·         3-D and 2-D planar slice, overlay on surfaces conformal/Yee, vectors/arrows, ISO surfaces, etc.)

·         hardware acceleration 1TCELL/s

·         Broadband frequency performance characterization from a single simulation

·         multiport S-parameter extraction (linear, smith chart, etc.)

·         Import of external measurement data



SEMCAD X MED combines the EM FDTD, magneto-static, magneto-quasi-static and thermal solvers in a powerful and robust platform. The SEMCAD X MED solution is trimmed to simulate and visualize electromagnetic fields interacting with human and biological tissues in any challenging environments. This ideal toolbox is addressing any modelling requirements from MR design (RF and gradient coils) to implant antenna and lead safety.



·         unbeaten accuracy in anatomical models

·         fast and accurate SAR and exposure simulations

·         easy optimization of field uniformity for MRI systems

·         high resolution and transformable human models

·         microwave power hyperthermia

·         noninvasive thermometry based on an unique coupled thermal solver



·         High performance EM, thermal and LF solvers

·         Numerical enhancements, based on Huygens Box field excitations

·         Genetic algorithm based optimization platform

·         matching networks

·         Extensive near-field and SAR extraction options



·         Largest library of CAD based phantoms available on the market

·         Standard and measurement phantoms (SAM, SAM V4.5, Eli, DASY phantoms)

·         Grid-independent (not based on voxel data), CAD based anatomical phantom data (axial resolutions < 0.1mm)

·         More than 5 full body anatomical human phantoms (HUGOs, Virtual Family, etc.)

·         More than 10 anatomical head models (children, adult, male, female, European, Asian, etc.)

·         More than 10 small animal models (rat, mouse, young, adult, male, female, pregnant, etc.)

·         Large animal models via Brooks AF Base voxel data

·         3-D voxel based data importer, smoothing, interpolation, compound model conversion

·         3-D High resolution CAD based Virtual Family Models

·         Segmentation tool to convert MRI/CT data to CAD model

·         Generic birdcage CAD models



·         SAR (standard, averaged, distributed)

·         Support for CAD based anatomical models database

·         Data extraction and visualization along lines, etc.

·         Pre-modeled medical device database (MRI coils/systems, etc.)

·         Smooth extraction of large 64 bit result data

·         Interface to DASY5 MED

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