VisualARQ, April 

We are close to release this new update, which will basically fix some bugs, and will have a new welcome splash window. This new splash window will inform about the remaining days of the evaluation version, will ask to enter a license key, if the user has bought VisualARQ, or will ask the users to register (optionally) if wished.

New evaluation version system:

Right now the evaluation version of VisualARQ allows to use it for 30 days and that’s it. When the new VisualARQ 1.7.2 is released, the evaluation version won’t expire so users will be able to keep on testing VisualARQ after those 30 trial days. The only condition is that they won’t be able to save the current document after the 30 days period. Besides that we will keep on giving extensions of the trial period to anyone who ask for it.

VisualARQ integration with Grasshopper:
As you may know, for several months the development team of VisualARQ has been working in an integration of VisualARQ with Grasshopper. This integration consists in two differentiated parts:

- Part 1: the VisuaARQ Geometry will be generated inside Grasshopper.

- Part 2: VisualARQ will import Grasshopper definitions inside its dialogs. That means that users who doesn’t know Grasshopper will get benefit of definitions that other users have done. This integration will increase considerably the amount of object styles available, as well as new objects and commands that will be called from Grasshopper definitions.

We are planning to release the first part of this integration in beta version in two or three weeks!

I will keep you informed about that.

Please let me know if you have any new, course or event where you are going to participate, in which VisualARQ could be involved. We will help you to announce it in our website and media.


Introduction of the RISA-Tekla Link

This webinar will show the bidirectional link between RISAConnection and Tekla Structures. This webinar will show users how to use the RISA-Tekla link to design connections within their Tekla Structures model and view the connection design calculations within RISAConnection. This link is available for free to all RISAConnection and Tekla Structures customers.

Date       : May 8, 2013

Time      : 11 a.m. Pacific

Duration : 1hr

Cost       : FREE