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A good institution has traditions and a changing outlook : When an institution looks at its campus as a site of heritage, it actually cherishes its way of teaching. With Google and Wikipedia helping students, the old ways of teaching are often put to question. There are two sides to this - Teaching traditions define a school; new teaching channels define its influence. TCS SMB education solution can help you build institutions-schools of influence.

So when we offer our campus management solution, new channels of teaching come along with it. The campus is extended through the cherished corridors to an open world of internet classrooms, professional faculty and distance education. You then make a choice, balancing your tradition and outlook. And having done that, the campus administration becomes simpler but powerful. You enroll students from distant places, in masse. As they apply online, your curriculum works out the classrooms for them within your campus. And if the faculty was not in town, how about having a classroom over the internet? A power point displayer, chat room and VOIP (telephone on internet) - they are all ready to take one.

Our Solution Stack :

At Layer-1 TCS provides all the necessary on-premise hardware needed to run the enterprise. This may include desktops, laptops, printers, hand-held devices and so on. These are devices that customers use to connect to and use the solutions TCS provides. TCS also facilitates procurement of additional hardware through its Procurement Facilitation Services.

In Layer-2 all SMB solutions are hosted in a data centre. TCS has put in place the infrastructure required to run these solutions and maintains this infrastructure, by means of taking care of annual maintenance contracts and version upgrades. TCS also provisions the networks customers need to access the SMB applications. Based on the bandwidth required, we provision the necessary network connections in partnership with our network providers. For any additional hardware or network required by the customer, we facilitate the procurement by connecting the customer with our hardware/network partners. TCS also facilitates procurement of additional network through its Procurement Facilitation Services.

At Layer-3 TCS delivers all the office solutions relevant for SMBs. These include solutions such as document management, email, collaboration suite and so on.

Layer-4 addresses the solution needs at a business level. This includes Finance & Accounting, CRM, HR management, Payroll and Project Management System. Until layer-4, all our solutions are predominantly vertical or domain agnostic.

At Layer-5 TCS addresses core industry vertical solution needs through a comprehensive ERP. For instance, in the case of Manufacturing vertical, the solutions will include Material, Sales, Stock, Production and so on, while in case of Retail, it is Point of Sales, Warehouse, Store Inventory and so on.

The Layer-5P addresses platform solutions such as Professional Virtual Community and Rewards and Recognition.

The Layer - 6 addresses niche vertical application requirements such as business analytics.

TCS-iON Benefits to Education Institute :

  • Lower TCO : Multi-tenant application architecture enables the sharing of resources across multiple customers thereby reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Pricing Model & ERP Project Risk: The freedom to adapt to the changing scale and usage of the software. Pay only for today’s size, and seamlessly scale as your grow. TCS as your partner in Risk - No “ERP budget overruns”. Predictability of costs. TCS bills usage fees only upon successful Go Live.
  • Return on Investment: Avoidance of large upfront capital expenditure, and shorter timelines result in faster Return on Investment (ROI) IT is paid for as an operational expense after Go Live – Costs align with the benefits of usage.
  • Ease of Deployment & Management: “One-Stop shop” with responsibility for the provisioning of hardware, software and network infrastructure. Solutions built on a common architecture framework; pre-integrated to work together Significant TCS investment in system management, monitoring and remote management technology and processes phased deployment to ease Change Management.
  • Robust Maintenance and Support: Online & Phone Helpdesk, executes one-to-many problem resolution, SLA based support with single partner – single point of responsibility Ongoing service to customer – unlike a one-time sale & implement .
  • Frequent Upgrades and New Feature Introduction: Short cycles with quicker implementation. Solution evolves with changing market needs. Customers not stuck with an obsolete product.
  • Governance: Robust Security and Business Continuity: Ensures data confidentiality and business continuity. Data for each customer is kept isolated from others. Dual Data Centers and Enterprise class availability & security in Place.

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