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PlagScan compares your document with billions of others and highlights relevant correlations between them. It enables our users to identify fraudsters by checking documents with our online plagiarism detection platform in real time. We respect your copyright & privacy and handle your documents in absolute confidence! You will always maintain full control over your texts while retaining your anonymity. You decide whether your uploaded documents are deleted or saved for future comparisons. Features like a student hand in portal, cross checking database, easy administration and many more make PlagScan the ideal tool for your workplace. Learn more about the tailored solutions on the page for your organization type:
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  Private User   Organization   Enterprise IT
Users   1 User   Unlimited   Unlimited
Online storage time   up to 6 months   Unlimited   Unlimited
Scan your own documents      
2-layer search algorithm      
Secure Transfer (SSL)      
Access notifications      
Password protected sharing      
Administration features
Direct upload for authors    
Individual plagiarism portal    
Payment by invoice    
Integrate with existing content
management solutions via API
(Private) Cloud features
Exclusive organization database  
Direct technical support  
Local backup
Supports single sign-on  
Active Directory Groups  
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