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Mass Spectrometry

MALDIVision 2.22

MALDIVision, a comprehensive bioinformatics tool for MALDI IMS technology, facilitates data processing, visualization and analysis of spatial distribution of individual ions across the sampled locations on a tissue section.

ProteoIQ 2.80

ProteoIQ is a comprehensive proteomics software for validation and quantification of proteins by combining results from popular mass spectrometry platforms and database search engines. ProteoIQ supports label free, isotopic and isobaric quantification.

SimGlycan® 5.40

SimGlycan® is an innovative MSn data analysis tool. SimGlycan® predicts the glycan structure, scores it and generates a list of probable glycans that closely match the given MS profile. Both glycopeptide and released glycan profiles are supported.

SimLipid® 4.40

SimLipid® is a high throughput lipid identification tool. It accepts experimental MS and MS/MS data, enables lipids profiling by searching precursors against the known lipid structures and elucidates an unknown structure by matching experimental product ions against theoretical fragments of lipids from the database. It also supports LC-MS and LC-MS/ MS high throughput data processing methods providing a platform for further qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

SimMet® 1.50

SimMet® is a robust high throughput informatics tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry metabolite data. SimMet® supports peak detection, peak picking, retention time alignment and differential analysis of LC-MS data across multiple biological samples. It enables you to run metabolite identification studies using MS and MS/MS data in batch mode.


AlleleID® 7.82

A comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of pathogen detection or taxa/species discrimination using TaqMan®, microarray and molecular beacon assays.

Array Designer 4.42

A microarray software for fast, efficient design of specific oligos for making whole genome arrays, tiling arrays and resequencing arrays.

Beacon Designer™ 8.13

Design successful SYBR® Green, TaqMan®, HRMA Primers, MethyLight TaqMan®, LNA™ spiked TaqMan®, molecular beacons for both standard and NASBA® assays, Scorpions® and FRET assays by automatically interpreting BLAST results and avoiding template structures.

LAMP Designer 1.13

A tool especially written for designing Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) primers that recognize six distinct regions of the target.

MLPA® Designer 7.82

Designs highly specific oligos for MLPA assays to detect copy number variation and single nucleotide polymorphism.

PrimerPlex 2.72

PrimerPlex designs primers for Multiplex PCR and multiplex SNP genotyping assays.

Primer Premier 6.22

A PCR Primer Design software to design high amplification efficiency primers by automatically avoiding homologies and template secondary structures.

SimVector 4.60

DNA analysis & Plasmid map drawing software to draw vector quality plasmid maps and generate publication quality vector graphics, perform restriction enzyme analysis. Design cloning experiments for Gateway® cloning, TA cloning and restriction cloning.

Xpression Primer 3.11

Design thousands of primers at a click of a button for high throughput expression cloning.

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