Thermal Safety Software (TSS)

Assessing Thermal Hazards of Chemical Processes and Products

  • ·         From experimental study of a reaction through creation of a kinetic model to the mathematical modelling of a process
  • ·         TSS covers the entire spectrum from processing of experimental data to simulation of chemical reactors and runaways of various kinds
  • ·         TSS gives general solution of the crucial challenge of hazard assessment – the scale-up problem
  • ·         TSS components are interlinked to each other providing a unified analog-free system
  • ·         Each TSS component has a unique set of features that distinguishes it from other commercial offerings. TSS components can be used successfully as standalone programs

TSS applications are addressed to:  

  • ·         R&D Centers of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • ·         R&D Centers of Manufacturers and Users of Explosives and other energetic materials
  • ·         R&D Centers and laboratories dealing with assessment of reactive hazards of dangerous goods
  • ·         Centers that are involved in classification of chemicals (GHS, CLP, etc.)
  • ·         Consulting Firms dealing with Chemical Processes
  • ·         Chemical Engineering Departments of Universities  

General features of the Software      

  • ·   System of interlinked components
  • ·   based on sophisticated methodology
  • ·   Application of state-of-the-art math methods
  • ·   Merger of math methods and experience of a
  • ·   researcher into unified strategy
  • ·   Management of multiple projects
  • ·   Link to Physical Property Data Bases
  • ·   Flexible graphics
  • ·   Common data bases of kinetic models
  • ·   Common elements of project-oriented User's interface
  • ·   Manipulated accuracy control
  • ·   MS Word report generation
  • ·   Interactive help system
  • ·   Detailed problems-solving Tutorials
  • ·   Complete set of user manuals
  • ·   Minimum hardware requirements:  Pentium V, Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, 7


See TSS structure


 TSS components:


ADaExpert              TDPro     RCPro     TFConverter          ForK        DesK       IsoKin    

ThermEx                 ConvEx  Mixture    ReRank                  InSafer    VENT      BST




Chemical Engineering Software  (CES)

Typical problems that chemical engineers solve in real life are:

  • ·         parameter estimation;
  • ·         study of residence time distribution;
  • ·         modeling of chemical reactors;
  • ·         optimization of chemical reactors.

The chemical engineering software developed by Cheminform Ltd.  provide exact solution of these problems in the Windows environment.

Software components:

ReactOp                                Cascade                                RTD       CR          CatKin

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