02 Day's Faculty Development Programme & Workshop

Power System Design & Analysis
using DigSILENT PowerFactory Software)

Organized by :
DELLSOFT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

S. N. Description Duration Time
Day 1: Presentation on software (Introduction) and its overall functional integration, its applicability to the modelling of:
Power Transmission
Power Distribution
Industrial Systems
Power Generation
Integration Of Renewables (Distributed Generation And Renewables)
2 Hours 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM IST
  LOAD FLOW ANALYSIS on DIgSILENT Power Factory including simulation on:
Balanced and unbalanced load flow for coupled AC and DC grids.
Station- and network control features, incl. Q(U)-, cos phi(P)-, Q(P)-, and droop characteristics.
Consideration of generator capability curves.
Secondary and primary control.
Accurate modelling of induction machines.
Voltage dependent load models.
Day 2: SHORT CIRCUIT ANALYSIS on DIgSILENT Power Factory including simulation on:
IEC, IEEE /ANSI, VDE norms and methods.
Calculation of short-circuit currents in DC grids according to IEC and ANSI/IEEE.
Multiple fault analysis of any kind of fault incl. single-phase interruption, inter-circuit faults, etc.
2 Hours 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM IST
RESULTS AND REPORTING on DIgSILENT Power Factory including simulation on:
Various simulation plots like frequency plots like fft and prony analysis.
Various visplots/subplots for RMS and EMT simulation.
Maximum and Minimum values from plots.
Text and interactive spreadsheet reports, complete system report in text format
DSL/DPL on DIgSILENT Power Factory including simulation on:
Digsilent simulation language and programming language basic introduction
DSL system library for dynamic RMS and EMT modelling
DSL is used as a editor for drawing any kind of block diagram
DIGSILENT EXAMPLES Digsilent comes with lot of preloaded examples, video tutorials, documentation etc.
Performing various analysis like modal, opf, emt, rms etc. with the help of examples
Various examples on the renewables like of solar, wind, hydro etc.
Some famous bus system like 9 bus, 14 bus and 31 bus sys. etc.
Export/import features, digsilent user manual, interfacing with matlab, about digsilent knowledge base site, support features of digsilent.
Hands on training of students on various examples for better understanding of the software.
Some of the experiments include:
1. To design 9 bus system and analyze load flow and short circuit
2. Perform the electromagnetic and electromechnical transients for any bus system
3. Generate the heat map of the network and execute the animated load flow
4. Create a fault in the network and analyze the change in the parameters.
5. Generate the complete system of the whole network and see their voltage profile
6. Generate Eigen values and get real and imaginary part by performing modal analyze.
7. Draw various plots from virtual instrument panel
8. Basic designing of controllers etc.